Welcome To The Cycle Vault

Where I Help People Train Smart And Reach Their Cycling Potential! 

Who Is The Cycle Vault?

My name is Sharon Calton. You may not have heard of me...that’s because I’m just like the majority of my clients...a cyclist! Cycling found me when my children were still young and I assumed I would never improve or get faster due to a busy home life and working as a Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher.  It took a while  before I realised that I was wrong!

It was a revelation when I discovered that it‘s not how much time you spend in the saddle that matters  but how wisely you spend that time in the saddle. So I decided to set up The Cycle Vault - to share everything I have learnt with anyone who is willing to listen! 

I offer both in person and/or online coaching to make your training easy to access with  in studio fitness testing available. Through regular contact, support  and updates to fit in with your lifestyle you really can reach your goals easily.

Client Testimonials

If you are like me and like to know about other people's experiences with a product or service before purchasing, then head over to the reviews section of the website to hear what my clients really think of me!