My Cycling Journey

My love of cycling started when I was a child and I have only fallen even more in love as the years have gone by. Although I am a much better cyclist than I was when I sat on my first ever bike (I hope!), I am always looking for my next challenge. 

This drive to be the best I can be has lead me to where I am today. I  have  competed in all distances of  time  trials from  10  miles  to  12  hours, cyclo  cross,  road races,  sportives and ultra  endurance  self-supported  races  such  as  The Transcontinental  Race and loved every minute! 

Throughout my cycling journey I have had many highs, but also some lows, and I want to share it all with you. Whether you are interested in personalised cycling coaching, personal  training, mat or reformer pilates or just reading about the cycling events I have been a part of, all are welcome at The Cycle Vault!