Why Strength Training Is Important

Getting on the bike and pumping those pedals only a proportion of what you should be doing to improve your cycling, that is why I incorporate strength training and core strength training in all of my cycle coaching training plans.  

My vast knowledge of core strength training stems from the multiple years experience I have as a pilates teacher and personal trainer at The Fitness Vault, my bespoke basement gym in the centre of Bury St Edmunds.

Core strength is important because it helps prevent injuries and improve posture on and off the bike. Optimum power can be obtained by being more effective with our pedalling technique and transferring this through our core. Many cyclists suffer with lower back and shoulder problems related to a weak core.

Pilates and some core strength exercises can easily be done at home.

The Fitness Vault

My second love in life (or third if you count my family!) is pilates and personal training. Before I began exploring the world of cycle coaching I taught pilates and reformer pilates in my basement fitness studio, The Fitness Vault. And I continue to do so to this day! 

So if you are interested in pilates, personal training or just want to have a look to see what my unique fitness studio looks like then head over to The Fitness Vault website for more information!