what my clients say...


Peter Critchlow

"Sharon provided me with the structure that up until now has been missing from my training schedules. Working with her, with sessions planned out on TrainingPeaks, I found I got so much more out of each training session - whether out on the roads or on the turbo at home. We initially met to talk through my goals and completed FTP tests etc to provide a benchmark to work from, and Sharon was always available to contact with any queries. It's great to work with someone who practices what they preach! All the best for your forthcoming races, and thanks again for everything."


Laura Davies

"I first started training with Sharon mid February with injury difficulties as well as a lack of confidence to progress any further. Just a few months down the line I'm now riding up to five times a week and the strongest on the bike I've ever been thanks to Sharon and her encouragement! I didn't really know what to expect with a coach but she's really been fantastic giving regular feedback and advice as well as adjusting my training plan as and when it's needed. It's a lot more than just being told what kind of sessions to do - she's very personal and is regularly in touch as well as always being there to discuss things which has been really important for me! So a big thank you for everything so far and looking forward to the future!"


Rita Rue

"I find Sharon an approachable and responsive coach, she has supported me in training to "be the best I can" which was her brief. Following assessment Sharon gave me a well designed training plan, challenging but achievable, she replaced some of the junk sessions I'd been doing with targeted sessions such as hills and reps.  

I feel that Sharon demonstrates her ability to effectively apply her personal experience as a cyclist to me, a novice rider, and I was thrilled to recently finish 2nd Ladies Road Bike in a British Cycling open Time Trial!"